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Inductive Wireless Charging (IWC)

Leggett & Platt Automotive Group is working with AML to develop wireless PED Chargers For the Aviation Market.

Units will become available for forward-fit and retrofit installations as early as the first quarter of 2014. Full details on Helios wireless charging technology can be found at leggettecoupled.com

The explosive growth of PED?s has not only reinvented the way individuals work and communicate via laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 player and other devices, it has created the need to maintain constant battery power. Thus, when traveling, individuals can be seen to carry a host of cumbersome charging cords and various adapters if they travel internationally.

The AML-L&P units will utilize Helios technology from Leggett &Platt?s Automotive Group. Their wireless charging technology is currently in production on various automobiles as an OEM installed item. Devices are also under development for use in hotels, libraries, restaurants, and a host of similar locations.

All AML-L&P devices will comply with all Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standards that have been agreed upon and established by over 140 PED manufactures around the world. It will use standard 28V DC input voltage and will incorporate Helio?s unique technology. Helios technology recognizes the device, adjusts the charge level and rate, and adapts for an optimum charging power transfer rate. This is an important aspect of the product line. When asked about the new IWC product line and its Helios technology, Mark Lange, President and CEO of AML, mentioned that ?the IWC product talks to the PED and will shut off the charging circuit once the phone is at full charge. This will keep from over charging the PED battery in the meantime.?

The IWC unit is compliant to FCC, CE, IC and automotive OEM EMI requirements. The unit is going to be STC?d and DO-160 tested as a part of the STC program. We have identified an STC aircraft as a company owned project and we are looking at other STC programs to be a part of as well. PMA will follow once the STC process has been completed.

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