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AUGUST 12, 2012 Press Release - New Bizjet Router Increases Internet Speeds Up To 200 -300%; Portable Capability Permits Office-On the-Move Connectivity
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AML?s Office on the Move series routers:


Mobile Wi-Fi hot spot.

The Basic Router module functionality.

The Acceleration module; this solutions apply to certain types of traffic and can be combined with each other for improved performances and controlling costs. With the Acceleration module you can expect a 200 ? 300% perceived internet performance.

Performance options included are:
Operating System
Inmarsat Swift64 support
Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Support
Bandwith Manager
Wide Area Network Manager
Wi-Fi manager
Internet Browsing
E-mail support
Security (Firewall and VPN)
Maintenance features
Configuration interface
User interface
VoIP optional depending on type of SATCOM and configuration. (Only supported in the OOM-0200-001 router)

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